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How to Submit a Request

To submit your request online click the "Sign In" link on the top right to sign in or register. Once logged in, click the "Submit a FOIA Request" link and complete the online form.

  • As you navigate the "Sign In" procedures, please follow all prompts, look for red system warnings, and make sure that all required fields are completed.


  • If you have requested a document download as your method of delivery, you will receive an email telling you when those documents are available. In order to retrieve those documents, you will need to "Sign In" to the system and check the status of your request. Upon reaching that screen, you will see a small download icon next to your request status. Click there in order to download the documents relating to your case onto your computer. When making a request to the Department of Treasury for records under the Freedom of Information Act, keep the following tips in mind.


  • When submitting a request on behalf of an organization, please use a personal e-mail address and not a group or office email account. If you wish to have your response sent to a group or office e-mail account, please list that e-mail address in the body of the request description.


Requests should:


  • Fully describe the records you seek. Provide enough detail so that the records can be located. Such detail should include descriptive information, timeframe, and location to be searched, etc. The FOIA clearly states that records must exist at the time the request is submitted to be considered. FOIA provides access to records; it is not a way to answer open-ended questions. 


  • Provide the full name, a full mailing address, email address and telephone number so that you may be contacted if we need additional information. The mailing address will also be used to contact you with our decision of whether or not your request will be granted. Failure to provide this information may result in your request not being processed.


  • Specify whether you want copies of the requested materials or whether you would like to make other arrangements to review the records.


  • Contain an agreement to pay fees associated with the processing of your request. If your request has potential to produce a huge amount of responsive documents, you will be notified. Some requests may require prepayment.


  • Upon receipt of the request, the Treasury will generate an acknowledgment letter that summarizes the request, provides a case number, assigns an approximate due date, identifies the staff member assigned to the case, and the fee schedule associated with processing FOIA request.


  • The mailing address for submitting a FOIA request, if needed, are:
    • Departmental Offices: FOIA Request, Department of the Treasury, 1500 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington D.C. 20220
    • Bureau of Engraving and Printing: FOIA Request, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, 14th & C Streets, SW, Room 419A, Washington D.C. 20228
    • Financial Crimes Enforcement Network: FOIA Request, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, P.O. Box 39, Vienna, Virginia 22183
    • Bureau of the Fiscal Service: FOIA Request, Bureau of the Fiscal Service, 301 Pennsy Drive, Landover, Maryland 20785
    • US Mint: FOIA Request, US Mint, 801 9th Street NW, Disclosure Office, Washington D.C. 20220
    • Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade: FOIA Request, 1310 G Street, Box 12, Washington 20005


Time Frame

The 1996 amendments to the FOIA require agencies to determine if agency records can be released within 20 working days from the date the request was received in the office responsible for responding to such requests. The amendments also do away with the "first in, first out" concept and allow for multiple tracks for processing.